About victors: From the murray state news 11/5/04, by janet robb

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The sandwich was created when the Earl of Sandwich sent for two pieces of bread, meat and cheese during a card game, and for 29 years Victor's Sandwiches has been making them.

"We're one of the major sandwich shops in Murray and around the area," said Victor Olazabal, owner of Victor's Sandwiches. "At first (we were) the only one in the area for many years."

Victor's Sandwiches specializes in meats and sauces and serves a variety of sandwiches as well as other items.

"We cook all our meats and sauces homemade for our sandwiches," Olazabal said. "We have all the normal sandwiches plus a lot of our own unique combinations."

A few unique items on the menu are the Cheese and Jelly, Nutty Cheese, Cream Cheese and Salami, Cream Cheese and Bacon sandwiches. All use cream cheese as a main ingredient.

"(These sandwiches) are not real popular, but they do get ordered," he said.

Olazabal said it's taken years to make the menu and some items listed were customer's own concoctions that became popular.

"If someone gets other people to order the sandwich, and it becomes popular, (we) may add it to the menu," he said.

The menu is marked with customers' favorite sandwiches, which helps many people when ordering, Olazabal said.

"Your favorite is whatever you like but we always suggest, you know, the homemade meats and sauces," he said. "The sandwiches that have them on there verses a cold cut or something like that."

April Rooker, junior from Murray, said she has been coming to Victor's Sandwiches for more than 10 years.

"It's a staple for Murray," Rooker said. "(The) Deluxe Nachos are fabulous."

Rooker said she also suggests the Midnight Sub, which is made with roast pork, ham, American cheese and pickles on a sub roll.

Brian McNelly, employee at Victor's Sandwiches, said his favorite sandwich on the menu is the Cheese Steak Sub.

"Cheese Steak is probably the No. 1 thing we sell the most of," said McNelly, junior from Murray.
Joshua Polk, senior from Madisonville, has been going to Victor's Sandwiches for about two years and said the atmosphere is laid back.

"It feels very college (like)," he said.

Polk said he likes the Cheese Steak and the sandwiches are good but it depends on what people like on what they should get.

Megan Winters, freshman from Murray, said the service at Victor's Sandwiches is great and they are fast and polite.

"(They're) great people," Winters said. "They are like your next door neighbors."

The restaurant is homey and the first things seen is the counter, menu and eating area, Winters said.

"It's very organized," she said. "They have a lot of things to try."

Other than sandwiches, Victor's also sells different types of hot dogs, burgers, salads, Mexican items, pizza and various types of potato skins.

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